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Welcome to Velan Kraft House (P) Ltd..

Velan Kraft House (P) Ltd headquartered in Adyar,Chennai are dealers of various scraps since 1972. Our service in the Recycling Industry for over four decades has earned us 100% reference able customers around India. Every object on the earth has a quality, we set standards in defining the quality in recycleable waste which has won us a special place in this industry.

Beginning with a 200 square foot shop at Mandavelli,Chennai in the year 1972 we have spread our wings around Chennai which helps us in being a key-player in a perfect-competition industry. Our dreams grew along with Chennai city. There was an increasing trend of scrap generation in Chennai and we capitalised on its need to expand. We have grown knowing the importance of modern technology and kept ourselves in-tact with the growing business standards in the recycling industry which has won us several multi-national clients.

Our core specialization is Paper waste which includes a dozen varieties within, apart from that we deal with metal, plastic, rubber and wooden scrap summing it up to a quantity of over three hundred tonnes of scrap per day. The recycling industry which acts as a lynchpin for the "Go-Green" initiative has inspired us to serve this industry for the years to come. Amidst tough challenges suppressing the growth of our firm from all sides in the form of competition we have always managed to outsmart our competitors by gaining the competitive edge with the quality of the scrap material and the trust of our customers.


Velan Kraft House (P) Ltd's procurement centres are in 4 different areas in Chennai namely Adyar, Mandavelli, Thirumudivakkam and Avadi. The facilities at Adyar and Mandavelli were established in the year 1972 which now have semi-automatic baling machines for bundling of carton box scrap and other paper scraps.

Our Unit at Thirumudivakkam commenced its commercial production in the year 2002. It is now equipped with a high capacity automatic horizontal baler which has a production capacity of 200 tonnes per day exclusively for Paper scrap. Apart from the Horizontal Baler we have 3 vertical balers for bundling other scraps. Our Avadi Unit located in Greater Chennai kick-started in 2012 in with one automatic baler for carton bundling and other paper related scrap budling. Three vertical balers are also installed to handle other scrap materials.

We have 27 vans and 5 Tata Ace (mini van/pick-up) which takes care of the procurement module in our value chain. Our procurement team works 24/7 travelling the length and breadth of Chennai to procure scrap materials. Apart from this we have private suppliers who supply to us using their own vehicles. Our procurement team has well disciplined employees who have earned several accolades from our customers, so our procurement services are critically acclaimed.


Taking our experience in this industry to the next level we started extending our services by providing manpower solutions for scrap handling in several companies including multinationals . We plan the deployment after monitoring and understanding the company's requirement perfectly. The mishandling of scrap from the point of generation to the scrap yard becomes a hurdle for the company's workflow if not carried out professionally, to avoid it we have well trained specialists who have been with us for several years for handling the scrap at the company's premises. Our best services are defined by the combination of scrap handling and scrap clearing model we provide.




Velan Kraft House (P) Ltd at all stages of growth understood the value of technology and never had a second thought to spend on technology upgrades. The machineries at all our units are updated models based on the latest technology, the recent installation of the Automatic Baler of 150T from China has given us a phenomenal advantage of mass production. This kind of investment for baling machinery is rare in the Indian market in which we compete (especially in Tamil Nadu).

All our premises are monitored by CCTV 24/7 to minimize theft losses and ensure that the production and sales are smooth without any grievances. We understand the needs of our suppliers and ensure all the time that their scraps are not re-used but recycled. All the units are consistently watched by our top management staff wherever they are via Static IP ensuring that the scrap in the stockyard are not mis-handled.



Velan Kraft House (P) Ltd has been clearing various scraps for more than four decades from various companies. We have infrastructure supporting our customers need so that we are always open to clearing of high quantity of waste within a short notice period. We have over 200 employees directly and indirectly involved in the procurement process. As mentioned earlier our procurement teams work 24/7. We are well experienced in providing best scrap clearing services as we clear scrap from many multi-national firms around Chennai. We have learnt the importance of each module in the value chain process and we ensure that we would provide the best quality in our services with our experience standing as our testimonial.



Velan Kraft House (P) Ltd are raw material suppliers to Paper Mills since 1972. We procure the carton waste from many companies and the same are baled and supplied to Paper Recycling mills all over India. All our units are equipped baling machines to carry out the bundling process, which would make the transportation of the paper scrap easier.


We have been dealing with plastic waste since 1991. We have been procuring various qualities of plastic scrap such as HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP etc. Small quantity plastics which we get from small firms would also be chopped into flakes and supplied to several buyers in and around Chennai for their usage. The plastic waste we get a bumpers pipe and automobile spares scrap would be cut into small pieces and sent to various customers where it is made into kitchen ware and microwave ware plastic products.


Metal scrap are procured various forms including waste Car body which are further made into pieces and would be supplied to metal recyclers in Tamil Nadu. We have different requirements every week as our customer base is wide, so we cut and seggeregate metal scrap according to our customer's needs.


Wooden scrap we procure will have various forms such as pieces, frames, boxes etc. We dismantle them by removing all screws and nails in it and supply it to our customer who use it for making small frames and low quality wooden doors. We have planned to erect a separate shed of 10000 sq ft exclusively for making low quality wooden doors by making the wooden scrap we procure into pieces and pressed with plain wooden sheet on both sides.


Administrative Office(UNIT - I)

Velan Kraft House [P] Ltd

2C, First Main Road,
Shastri Nagar,
Chennai - 600020
Ph 044-24917442
Fax 044-24910073

Factory (UNIT-II)

Velan Kraft House [P] Ltd

256, Thirumudivakkam Main Road,
Thirumudivakkam, (Nr.SIDCO Industrial Area),
Chennai - 600044.

Factory (UNIT-III)

Velan Kraft House [P] Ltd

264/6A, Ayalcheri Village,
Poonamalee-Avadi Road,
Poonamalee Taluk,
Thiruvallur District,
Chennai - 600072.

E-Mail : velankraft@yahoo.com , info@velankraft.com


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